Find out more about LED

LED lamps consume far less energy than normal bulbs. Because LED lamps spend 90% less energy, produce more lumens; therefore they provide high energy savings. end of the month by replacing all light bulbs LED lamp in your workplace or in your home can save up to 30% of incoming electricity bills. LED lamps are energy class A + or A ++ label. You will save money since you started using an LED lamp.


LED lamps are manufactured from recyclable materials. Vermezler.led health and the environment, such as ultraviolet and infrared rays not visible lamp does not radiate therefore it is not harmful to the eye. LED lamps will not cause vibration.

LED lamps are compatible with the ambient conditions. Too hot or too cold do not compromise on light quality in harsh environments. Also, LED lamps do not give out heat during the production of light. So, when the LED bulb is burning a long time bare hands touched this reason, no burning LED lamp, summer or winter time is available in all areas.

Change the ambience of the lighting environment at a time. Different in the lumen (luminous flux) can create a very nice atmosphere with dim bulbs, you can feel peaceful and relaxed with it.

The lifetime of the LED lamp starts 15 years. Only the evenings in the living room an LED lamp used 3 hours per day, continues to light stable for at least 15 years. In this way, eliminating the need to constantly change the light bulbs. Assuming that the average life of 3 hours per day, 1 LED lamp, saving 2 has 4 equal 10 halogen and incandescent lamps transparent life.